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Dinner & Bosphorus Cruise Tour

Açıklama: This tour is operated on shared basis.
Meet the guide at the lobby of your hotel Every evening at 7 pm
Pick up From Hotels around Taksim and Sultanahmet area.

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    Bosphorus is the most scenic and the most romantic part of Istanbul. It is a strait that connects the Black Sea on north with the Marmara Sea on south. It is a natural border between Europe and Asia and it is the only outlet of the Black Sea, which is connected to the Aegean through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. The most beautiful mansions and palaces of Istanbul, mosques restaurants and beaches along its shores are located on two sides of this natural waterway. There are two suspension bridges that are illuminated in the evenings, fortresses both from the times of Byzantium and Ottoman Empire. The Bosphorus looks majestic in every season and is especially impressive in May when Judas trees are blooming. We embark to our private boat at the Kabataş Pier and the guide explains everything that you shall see. Dinner is served onboard.

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